Work Culture

RK Mechanical’s corporate culture is one of hard work and endless opportunity. As a merit shop contractor, we don’t believe in a status quo. Instead, we invest in ongoing training and professional development for all of our employees in addition to providing unparalleled health and wellness resources. RK Mechanical's full-time wellness coach is in the office and field five days a week to consult with employees on a host of health-related issues from diet and exercise to smoking cessation. Our dedication to employee advancement, success and overall well-being sets us apart from the herd and contributes to us regularly being named one of the Denver metro area’s best and healthiest places to work..

In addition to fostering a productive work environment, the RK culture extends beyond the walls of our facility. Our employees are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance and take time to focus on themselves and their families, which ultimately makes everyone more effective and satisfied – at work and at home. Events like our annual company picnic and monthly team-building outings offer fun social opportunities for employees to get to know one another better and interact with company leaders in a casual environment. We make it a point to get to know one another as people rather than just employees to promote long-term loyalty and heightened career fulfillment.