Water Conditioning

Silver Bullet system

As the exclusive manufacturer and primary national dealer of the Silver Bullet system, RK Mechanical Water Conditioning is committed to providing customers with a revolutionary water treatment system that is both fiscally and environmentally responsible. Strict oversight during the manufacturing phase ensures delivery of the highest quality finished product available.

How it Works
The Silver Bullet system provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic chemicals commonly used to treat water in commercial and agricultural settings. Through the use of proprietary, patent-pending technology which uses ultraviolet (UV) light along with other elements, the Silver Bullet system creates a gas, that when added to water, forms hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a powerful biocide. The H2O2 naturally kills bacteria and ruptures cell membranes resulting in a significant reduction in microorganisms, thereby making it extremely difficult for bacteria to find a host.

Why Silver Bullet
The Silver Bullet advantage is realized in cooling tower water usage reduction of up to 35 percent. Yielding financial savings as well as environmental benefits, this increase in efficiency is achieved without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, making the solution safer and cleaner than traditional cooling tower and livestock water maintenance methods. Installation takes less than a day and can be activated with no disruption to a facility's existing HVAC or electrical systems.